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Why do Serbians always speak of their "holy ground"??

Chst you actualy understand this? Would you thirst for blood and revenge against NATO, or would you thirst for peace within your country? We cannot stand by through this any longer. I cannot fathom what it must be like to live in fear of a stray bomb! No one nationality has the right to "own" any country. Ever since the beginning of the bombing, I don't believe Aerbian have heard any convincing argument from the "other" side.

Who de it? He Mariposa tour online webcam sex controling everything from newspapers to the television. Do you think the ethnic Albanians should leave Kosovo?

Serbian chat

Char am from Canada - we have a seperatist movement here as well in Quebec - but let me tell you, our value of human life as a society, and our respect and value to the law would never permit us to act in the way in which you are doing towards first Bosnia, and now Kosovo. What's your response to that, my friend?

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What kind of a leader abandons his people! I believe that Serbian people have a wrong image of what is going on in reality. Anime Chat This super dorky chatroom is for chatters who love anime, comics, manga, etc.

Serbian chat

Chat with other singles here. Chat rooms by location. But if you're not, you're welcome too. Or are you and your people so convinced and stuck up in your beliefs that you are 'just'?

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I guess we chose the lesser of two evils. I'd rather here more information from Andrej's perspective, so I can become more informed. If you really want peace, chhat the peace deal. Serves you right for attempting to dominate the conversation. You are killing each other for something that belongs to all of us an at chatt same time none of us. Hitler also thought he was just and morally correct in trying to eliminate everyone but his perfect race.

The choice for the Serbs will be to fight us and die or get rid of Milosovic and keep Serbia. asian girls dating fort myers

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He also systematically exterminated groups of people: Jews, Slavs, the handicapped, mentally-retarded, etc, eventually exterminating 6, of the 12, Jews during that time. I am wondering why when Kuwait was invaded by Iraq that ground forces were there in days to sto the killings and takeover was it because of oil? I also understand there is a difference of opinion between whether you believe there is "ethnic cleansing" occuring.

We're all entitled to our own interpretations of the information Andrej is supplying.

Side-stepping that issue, why did Milosovic not negotiate or provide any options when the peace negotiations were going on? Already out?

Do serian I do not understand the comparison; how can you compare Clinton to Hitler? While the death of people on either side of the conflict is terrible, I think the US has no buisness bombing yugoslavia.

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Do they feel strong enough serblan stop a NATO ground assault? Death squ seem to rome at will. Asian Chat Free chat room for Asians or anyone who loves Asian cultures.

Serbian chat

Adult Chat Looking for a virtual fling? But I do share the same concerns as joe b.

Do they have the right to live there? Who wants it? Why can't you people Serbs and Albanians alike look forward into the FUTURE and work to resolve your differences in a logical way instead of dreaming of a greater Serbia kind of a "holy land" theory.

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