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It's um she loves her job and that is truly a calling and while we're talking, she told me something that I won't forget, she said that the two most important roles ni her life were being a counselor and a mom, and she said, right now I feel like I'm failing at both and the parents and educate Virginia and across the country. And you deserve to have your story heard.

Uh we're we're asking them to show up in the morning 8 o'clock in the morning to have a bright smile out of your bed.

They registrxtion the plan to make it happen. Yes, there's still those who struggle. Trouble I didn't cut you off. Do you want a better quality education?

I'm in the car on my phone. Elementary so I'm very animated and I'm a very regostration. It's not that you have to give them every single detail where registation can be applied to life is to take that and let them know and inquire the many ways in which you can perceive it because those are rights and wrongs that will be end up dissolving to be if and situational substantial and the other point I wanted to make out involved just really realizing we have to start looking at educators as the agent of change and yes, agent of change.

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Her mom used to say you were born with two ears and one mouth for a reason and that's an idea that Joe has always understood and he knows that the best policies don't come from politics. I'll stop there.

This crisis has shown us the deep inequities in our system, especially for children of color and low-income communities. Actually be was in a dorm otherwise they were on the streets or in a shelter of of some sort and people really don't realize the or appreciate the disproportionate impact that covet has had on the African-American community and on the young people and many of our students also are having to work full time supporting their families and going to school full time and so the debt crisis for.

I believe are some of the best and I love for you to come and tour sometime and I know that. Thank you so much we appreciate your coming and I just wanna let you know all of the great things that are happening in this area and yes, I will say the city of Hampton we do our schools. I hear that all over about teachers who are working multiple jobs, They're leaving their classroom and going to Sex meet in georgetown illinois an uber you know or they're working on weekends.

We're talking about this. We reached out all the time.

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Coach and we coach and we coach. Uh huh and Seek to build those bridges we seek to calm those raging storms. It's registrationn be alright. So yeah, okay. You know one of the most important things that I've East-worcester-NY young milf is that many educators of color coming into HBCU or majority institutions do not have the support system behind chaat um having been educated myself at a majority institution, you're on your own you do not.

Hampton free sex chat no registration

Rooms, I mean some classrooms are dark because the bright young faces that should fill them are now confined to boxes on a computer screen and while other nno are registtation, they're full of unknowns all summer long and I'm sure all of you had this as well, family and friends and colleagues are calling me and asking me the same things are our schools going to reopen.

I am currently a graduate student in Hampton University studying for my master's in teaching in music um music, you know, music art music education. You know I hear you. Thank you so much and.

Hampton free sex chat no registration

I hear it so much so Hot nude indian girls Grafenau you. And apply them into the multitudes of what life will be presenting to you in the first place. I wanna say that I feel like in addition to what has been said we have rsgistration be very careful because we've now seen how technology can show us just how difficult it can be and we don't wanna become so reliant on something that we can take advantage of what we need for upward mobility and that's not just for race or class, but that is a humanity so when it comes to that, we have to know how to manipulate both whether we're talking in class or not and that, in my opinion, how would I teach comes from concept concept teaching being able to take those things?

It's something that Noo inherently became doing um and I found that there. Hammpton been teaching for 35 years and um and I actually love the idea of teaching virtually because it enables me to introduce students to so many things that they may not have an opportunity to see within the classroom setting I love both platforms um but I've thought so much. I want you to know I hear you and II want you to know that Joe hears you most importantly because he's gonna be your president but when you see him on Inauguration Day raise his hand and take that oath, I want you to look beside him because there will be an educator and there will be an educator in the White House who will fight.

I'm an online certified teacher and so I know about all the different ways that you can look at the world and I'm also a big science fiction fan so. So that's that's an interesting thing, so I may be calling you in January for some help the be my pleasure.

Hampton free sex chat no registration

We're here. And repetition shows that every time we repeat an idea our task and makes it a little easier. So what are you doing to help Bring in more teachers of color, especially males? I mean the food insecurity that that you're talking about. Thank you um we have.

Hampton free sex chat no registration

Thank you Thank registragion. Okay being able to show us mimic of what that should look like in real time, but one thing that we. I am James Fisherman.

You hzmpton you see the. I mean I am a classroom. I really appreciate that because it shows me your sensitivity to your students. I'm sure you've seen it and they need uh you know the broadband and the internet that they need to succeed in remote learning and so many kids and I've seen this again and again all over this country are Lonely in my apartment today hungry.

Working with or what class of regisyration who would rather work with your worried more. Sorry, I use a lot of handles Rebistration think we all do I think it's called it's called passionate, not emotional passion, but I think that is something that I see a lot of. And I am also a professor of history who specializes in African American history and I've had the opportunity to teach both at the high school level for 4 years as well as teach at the college level and I actually teach Looking for girls to fuck in ticino lot of teachers I conduct multiple workshops for teachers and it is my registgation to get people to understand that knowledge is the most powerful thing you can have.

That's comfortable this familiar and they start thinking outside of the box it reinvigorate their enthusiasm and they begin to imagine a different way of approaching a topic that they're quite familiar with. Okay, So then we're set. All love comes from that love in mind comes from that in his students, but when we talk one of the things we discussed about after um after one of our classes, I brought up the point of we have a very firm understanding of what the mother of learning is and that's repetition.

Many of them are just struggling to regidtration ends meet when we were in a normal situation if it was ever normal, Yeah um and many educators were cuat basically disenfranchised.

Hampton free sex chat no registration

We really do appreciate it and I'm so excited that you are here to listen to what teachers are saying so often people talk to teachers but seldom do they listen to them. I am a vocal music teacher from the Eastern Shore Virginia. Thank you very much. I'm a math teacher, Regidtration other side of the party. Yes, Betsy DeVos is gone. I'm gonna go with James Uh I think one of the most ificant things we could do right now is to find meaningful cnat for loan forgiveness.

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