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The House met at Ouellette : It's time for questions and comments. Mr Peter Kormos Niagara Centre : I'm going to be having the floor in around 10 minutes' time for the leadoff on behalf of the New Democratic Party and I'm looking forward to it.

Mr Kormos: OK.

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It is assumed that there are proportionately more of these dog breeds than pit bulls. That was no pit bull, I tell you. This is impossible as pit bull terriers in Canada are not recognized as purebreds under the Federal Livestock Act and therefore, have no lineage and pedigree information. Mr Kormos: Don't make fun. We've got airplanes up there detecting them with thermal imaging kind of stuff, and the cops can't bust them because they haven't got the resources to shut Woodbridge NJ wife swapping these grow houses and bust organized crime.

Coquitlam Animal Control bylaw deates pit bulls and bull terriers as vicious. We kitchenee further, by going to committee to listen to more stakeholders, for more people to have input on which way we have to take in order to make sure that we have a safe society, a safe environment.

Married women in Tavlak You know what dog tags are for the municipality, don't you? This has resulted in growing alarm over the aggressiveness of some dogs and the danger they pose to public safety. Authority to seize and impound dangerous dogs in pitnull City is provided under the Vancouver Charter.

The breesers of these regulations are as follows: 1. Charlie never bit anybody, but if Charlie could sneak his way out, he'd pick up a scent and he'd be gone for hours and hours.

They haven't done anything substantive with kiitchener to changing the Dog Owners' Liability Act other than increasing fines. This type of legislation would also result in increased and more effective enforcement tools for municipalities including the City of Vancouver as regulations would be coordinated between neighbouring municipalities.

Does the breed-specific ban -- the banning of pit bulls and their kin, I suppose, or pit bulls, their kin and dogs that look like pit bulls -- achieve the end? Let me put this proposition to you, and it's what some of the research and data talk about: This year it happens to be pit bulls; if we reflect, not too long ago it was Rottweilers; before that, it was Dobermans; before that it was, who knows, amwrican German shepherds.

The Little Rascals: pit bull. Notification of change of status affecting public health and safety 4.

American pitbull terrier breeders kitchener

Public Support for Breed Specific Legislation Those in support of breed specific legislation present the following arguments: 1. What baloney.

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As you are well aware, there are many flaws in Mr Bryant's argument, as well as misinformation. I mean, heck, deal with the investigations into whether or not a puppy has a granddaddy that's a pit bull or a puppy that looks like a pit bull and maybe is just going to be snatched away from some little kid -- that's a hyperbolic, emotional sort of thing to say and is probably totally irrelevant to the argument. So I commend to government members a perusal of the Courtney Trempe jury recommendations.

Today we are debating Bill Mr Kormos: I appreciate the stories about banning Sluts in Virginia ca, and I appreciate again the anecdotal observations of any of people, but let's take a look at the evidence. Of course the of bites by pit bulls has decreased, because they eliminated pit bulls from Winnipeg. These dog fight people are the type of people that should be targeted. May I have unanimous consent for an additional hour, please, Speaker?

Now that we're talking about money, understand that this legislation is downloaded on to municipalities. Shame on members who would create law on the basis of emotion and fears that have been fabricated and victims who have been exploited.

American pitbull terrier breeders kitchener

The Attorney General the other day committed to public hearings. This is pathetic. During the s, it Discrete sex Massachusetts the Doberman, during the s the Rottweiler and now it's the pit bull. The high-profile attack of a young girl, Shenica White, by two dogs in the City of Vancouver on December 22, is used by many as evidence of the need for breed specific pit bull legislation.

The Attorney General is moving in the right direction. I know that we've got a lot of minute rotations -- three or four days of them -- and some minute rotations. Therefore, when the proportion of pit bulls to other dog breeds is taken into consideration, the of pit bull bites becomes more ificant. He cited many of the things I've heard in my riding as well. The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals strongly believes that any breed-specific ban would not be an effective solution.

What I'm going to do, because these people deserve to have their voices heard, and I've only got 21 minutes left -- if I could have unanimous consent to do two hours, to have an additional hour, I'd dearly love to do a little more justice -- Mr Jean-Marc Lalonde Glengarry-Prescott-Russell : Peter, can I go through that pile? A bill has been put forward.

Miroslaw Slonski addresses me: "To begin, I must commend you for the position you have taken in the provincial Parliament to oppose backdoor legislation that the McGuinty government has Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Bradford trying to fast-track without any public input The pit bull doesn't make the top four, according to this study.

First of all, there's no doubt in my mind that this legislation really does need to go to committee so we can have kitcheber full airing of all of the concerns and, secondly, so the committee can actually call on legislative research to provide the necessary statistical information that would support or not support what the government terfier to do.

American pitbull terrier breeders kitchener

There's nothing more I can do for him. I hope she did e-mail it to everybody. I'm not satisfied at all that there is a disproportionate of dog bites -- even a disproportionate of dog bites -- by pit bulls compared to other dogs, especially when I read the references to federal studies contained in that CBC broadcast back inwhich lists the top four dog biters in this country, none of which are pit bulls.

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They then speak of legislative changes. Furthermore, a patchwork of legislation and possible breed specific bylaws throughout the province would simply transfer the dangerous dog problem to those municipalities without similar legislation in effect. If you do have a pit bull and you want to keep it, do three simple things: leash it, muzzle it, have it spayed or neutered. I have no reason to disbelieve Ms Pyke. Two Canadian cities have had pit bull bans in effect long enough to make an informed evaluation.

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